My english assignment

Tänkte dela med mig av en engelska uppgift som jag gjort till skolan. Jag fick ett bra betyg på den så förhoppningsvis är den bra :)

This summer I went to Jersey which is the biggest English channel island.  I went there in corporation with STS, Student Travel Schools.  I’d prepared for this trip for more than a year. I worked to earn money, went to info meetings and even started a blog about it.
The 17th of July 2011 I sat on a plane to Paris were we spent 2 wonderful nights before we headed for Jersey. We went by bus and ferry over the night and didn’t arrived to Jersey until about 9am, that’s 10 hours. The whole group was exhausted be
cause no one had been able to sleep, we hadn’t brushed our teeth, hadn’t showered, everyone wore soft clothing and didn’t feel fresh at all and then it was time to meet our host families. Oh well that was nice, right? No, not at all, that whole day was destroyed, I cried and nodded all the time cause I was so tired. But that was the only bad day on the entire three-weeks-journey.
Shelly, mine and Sofia’s host mom,  brought us home in her car and first thing we noticed was that the steering wheel was on the wrong side (or wrong for me and Sofia at least) and then she starts driving on the wrong side as well! It felt like we were going to smash with every meeting car.    
When we came home to the family, Shelly showed us our room and said that she’d be in there soon to check up on us with some tea. Me and Sofia decided we’d start to unpack when we discovered a paper on the drawer. It was rules such as keep your room tidy, please ask before you use the computer and please put your own dish in the dishwasher. It was a bit weird but nothing difficult.  Shelly had a husband, Chis, and two kids, Amber 14 years old and Jake 13 years old, all of them where very nice to us, especially Chis. He helped us with all kinds of stuff, where to take the bus, where we could go out running, joked with us and talked to us more than the other family members did.
The host family lived in the eastern side of the island in a cute little village called Gorey in Grouville, one of the states. Jersey is a self-govering democracy but is under the British crown. It even has its own currency, Jersey pund.
First day at “school”  in St Helier, we met our local leader, Holly, a young blonde girl with a very british accent and a police woman who told the group about Jersey’s laws and how to be safe. It was good since Jersey has it’s own laws and we’re from a foreign land. The police woman looked v
ery classic, the dressing you see in cartoon series and old movies. Very funny actually.
After our first night in Jersey me and Sofia headed for the breakfast table and we saw three sorts of sugary cereals, bread white as snow, a milk carton, juice, jam and butter. I thought that if I’m going to eat this every morning for three weeks how am I supposed to even fit in the airplane chair and if this is what’s for breakfast then what’s for lunch and dinner? We got one answer quite quick because after we’d eaten Shelly gave us our lunch boxes. These contained two slices of the same white bread made as a sandwich with some kind of goo in between, two fruits, yogurt, a bag of crisps, a snack (chocolate maybe?) and a 0,5 l bottle of water.  Not much better there! I couldn’t believe how everyone in the family could be so slim.
Later in the evening we came home for diner or tea like they say here and guess what we got!? Two pizza slices, chips and some vegetables. I loved that they at least had the vegetables. The food there were really different compared to Sweden cause compared to Jersey Sweden is very healthy.

We had 2 classes á 45 min per workday. There we got to write small essays, “dating” and learn the phonetic symbols in the British language.  Most of them were really fun.
We got to do tons of things during those three weeks. Among lots of other things we went to Jersey War Tunnels which are tunnels in Jersey that was used in the second World War, very interesting to see.
One day we went to Jersey Pottery but we didn’t get a lot of time there because quite soon Amira, a girl in our group, felt sick. It was difficult for her to breathe, her throat was burning, she was shaking, freezing and was very dizzy at times. It went so fast and soon the ambulance was there taking care of her. While the ambulance was still there Niels starts to get a really bad headache. It all ends with both Amira and Niels in the ambulance on their way to the hospital. Luckily they were up and healthy the day after. It wasn’t just Amira and Niels who visited the hospital during our time on Jersey, Kim got a dislocated foot and visited the hospital twice and Philip, our leader, had to go with them all. Maybe we had to much fun so there had to be a few failures for there to be balance?

Maybe that was it, be cause we did have a lot of good fun. Bowling, cliffpath walk, Harry Potter, bananaboat, adventure golf, Corbiere lighthouse, kingswing, zipwire, discos, shopping, three celebrants, laserquasar, Jersey zoo and a lots of visits to different beaches.

Postat av: Emilia

Gud vad jag är lycklig över att jag hittade din blogg, jag ska åka nu i sommar!:) Jag har redan fått svar på massor av frågor men jag har några till...

Om man väljer att bo i värdfamilj, bor man då helt ensam eller med någon annan kompis?

Hur mycket fickpengar hade du och dina kompisar med er ungefär?


2012-03-03 @ 14:57:01
Postat av: Ida

Vad roligt att du ska åka och att du gillar min blogg!

Man bor aldrig ensam i en värdfamilj, ni bor allt från 2-4 elever i varje :)

Jag kommer knappt ihåg hur mycket jag hade med mig^^ men jag skulle gissa att det var någonstans runt 5000sek och det var väl vad dr flesta hade. STS rekommenderar 1500kr i veckan i fickpengar plus 200kr i veckan till busskortet. busskortet när jag var där kostade typ 50-60 euro för alla tre veckorna:) Sen shoppade jag inte så värst mycket, kände inte det behovet, så jag hade pengar kvar när jag kom hem :)

återkom om du har fler frågor! :)

2012-03-03 @ 17:11:40
Postat av: Anonym

Kan du inte lägga upp lite bilder som du inte lagt ut tidigare, och om du har någon bild från cluben som vi ska bo på? :)

2012-03-06 @ 18:17:57
Postat av: Ida

Jag kan lägga upp lite bilder men tyvärr inte från cluben eftersom jag bodde i värdfamilj ;)

2012-03-06 @ 21:51:58
Postat av: Therese

Jag är rätt dålig på att stava på eng,
kommer jag att klara mig endå?!:c

Svar: Det kommer inte vara några problem över huvud taget! :D

2012-09-05 @ 20:52:32

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